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-Coffee Stains- by HennaFaunway -Coffee Stains- :iconhennafaunway:HennaFaunway 731 78 Kissu by EminaAcqua Kissu :iconeminaacqua:EminaAcqua 382 58 friday nights by porotto friday nights :iconporotto:porotto 98 24
Happiness and Love Slip Away
Unrequited love
There are worse pains
Trust me, I know
But unrequited love is definitely up there
You're confused
Because everything they do is interpreted as a sign
You're jealous
Because they're always laughing with someone else
You're angry
Because you can't tell them how you feel
You're upset
Because you don't know how they feel
You're sad
Because you don't feel you're good enough
And it just gets worse from there
A tear turns in to ten
You cross one obstacle
But face two more
Every step forward
Is two steps back
Being without them
Like you've lost an arm
But being with them
Like you have no where to go
You act like an idiot
A big
And you hate that too
Everything you feel
Is an enemy to him and yourself
You second guess everything
Like you can't let yourself be happy
When it comes to unrequited love
There are no happy endings
:iconemomuse22:emomuse22 16 16
Emo Story I. by magic-mystery Emo Story I. :iconmagic-mystery:magic-mystery 2 3 Getting Through To Her by Twilight-Darling Getting Through To Her :icontwilight-darling:Twilight-Darling 337 108
Cry Emo Girl, Cry.
They sit on the bus and laugh at the "poor emo girl."
They chant, " Cry emo girl, cry. Cut till you die." They all laugh and unboard the school bus.
Her friends leave her, her teachers decieve her.
She is lost in this world. Her Mum never helps and her father is never home.
Her brother is in jail and her sister is all alone.
She sits alone at lunch, not hungry as always.
The kids, as always, follow her.
All crying out at once, " Cry emo girl, cry. Cut till you die!!"
:iconcookiejar-x:cookiejar-x 7 2
I Love.... by IceFireX I Love.... :iconicefirex:IceFireX 15 53 Girls Loves Girls by lagunaoc Girls Loves Girls :iconlagunaoc:lagunaoc 57 2
look at me.
what do you see when you look at me?
something more than a girl in tight jeans?
do you see the nerd they call me,
addicted to books and straight a grades?
or do you see the emo they call me,
converse hi-tops and the music no one listens to?
or maybe you see the whore they call me,
kissing both girls and boys.
when you look at me, do you see a label,
or do you see a person?
:iconleft-my-conscience:Left-My-Conscience 12 18

Newest Deviations

Walking In The Rain
What do you think about me walking in the rain?
At school they say you do it for attention.
At home they say you do it because you have problems.
I say they're all wrong.
When I walk in the rain, I'm invincible.
Nothing can stop me.
Nothing can slow me.
Nothing can bring me down.
When I walk in the rain, I'm in my own little world.
No one to boss me around.
No one to tell me about my problems.
No one to kick me while I'm down.
When I walk in the rain, I'm alone.
I can cry if I want to.
I can scream to the sky about our cruel world.
I can be me without judgment for once.
So now that I told you that,
What do you think about me walking in the rain?
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 2 0
Ever Since I Met Her
Ever since I met her I knew she was the one.
So why can I not take it since I've know her so long.
I wish that I could ask her.
Since she's the only one.
I want to hold my heart, my hand and show.
Me the way that one can love.
Ever since I met her I knew I wanted her.
In my arms and in my thoughts.
Forever she will roam.
I know I love her with all my heart, mind, body, and soul.
But every time I see her, I still need to let her know.
Ever since I met her I needed her in my life.
She makes me laugh, she makes me cry.
Oh how I wish I could have her for a night.
Hold her close.
Let her know.
How much I love her dear.
I love you.
So please stay here.
With me forever, in my arms.
I can't help it.
Please stay with me.
Forever holding each other close.
Because there is one thing I do more than anyone else.
I love you.
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0
Something About Her P1
I try to push through the hall as groups of kids pass by, bumping into me. Once I get to class, just like every day, I take my seat in the back of the room away from everyone. I hate people. The bell rings as everyone starts sitting down, the teacher walks to the front of the room.
"Everyone sit down, we have a new student today so be nice."
I didn't even notice the girl standing by the door. She's cute. She has medium length hair, she's petite too. Her eyes are a nice brown, a few shades darker than her hair.
Mr. Wilson gestures her to the front of the room. "Everyone, this is our new student, Lauren. Say hi to everyone, Lauren."
She lifts her hand a little and gives a slight wave. She is looking down and it seems she just wants to get to her seat as quick as possible. Her wish is granted as Mr. Wilson gestures her in my direction.
"You can sit right over there. Unfortunately the only seat we have is in the back of the room so that will be your new seat."
'Unfortunately that seat is r
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0
So, I Met This Girl
So, I met this girl
She's so fascinating
She's extremely beautiful
And I'm not exaggerating.
So, I met this girl
She's all I could've wished
There are so many reasons I like her
It's be a really long list
So, I met this girl
As amazing as could be
She's so amazing
I want her desperately
So, I me this girl
And I'm writing her a poem
I hope this makes her smile
And she'll maybe keep it at home
So, I met this girl
Wow, look at me now
I wish I could get her
The problem is how
So, I met this girl
She makes my heart beat fast
If I could ever have her
I hope that it would last…
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 1
Think of Me
I love you.
Three simple words that can mean so much.
I need you.
A simple statement that can keep someone close.
I wish you were here.
A simple wish upon a star in the night almost as beautiful as you.
You have my heart.
A statement that can be risky to say to someone.
You're amazing.
Something I want to tell you ever time I see you.
I don't know why I wrote you this.
But I hope it makes you think of me at night.
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0
Wonderful, Beautiful, You
Your smile, your eyes, your touch.
Things that make me smile about you.
Your voice, your laugh, your humor.
Things that drive me crazy about you.
The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you couldn't care less.
Things that keep me here.
The things you so that drive me crazy.
The things you do that blow my mind.
The things you do that make you amazing.
The things you do that make you shine.
The things you do that always amaze me.
Always stay here by my side.
That way you look at me and then you smile.
Makes me hope that you will stay a while.
Your smile, your eyes, your touch.
Your voice, your laugh, you humor.
The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you couldn't care less.
The way you make it impossible to stay away.
I hope you're here for all of my days.
My one and only.
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0
Listening to you talk is fun.
Talking to you is great.
Sitting in silence with you is amazing.
Being with you is fun.
Holding your hand is great.
Kissing you is amazing.
Staring into your eyes is fun.
Getting closer to you is great.
Holding you close is amazing.
Feeling my heart beat fast is fun.
Smiling uncontrollably around you is great.
Hearing you say "I love you" is amazing.
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 3 0
Why does she make my heart beat fast?
Why does her smile brighten up my day?
Why does her voice play like music in my head?
Why is she the only one I've felt like this around?
Why is she the reason I wake up in the morning?
Why is she always on my mind?
Why is the only thing I can think to say around her "I love you"?
Why do I get lost in her eyes ever so easily?
Why do I feel weird inside around her?
Why do I write her stupid notes?
Why can I not forget her?
Why can I not focus around her?
Why am I so crazy around her?
Why does everything have to be like this?
I guess there's only one answer:
I'm in love
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 1 1
Mature content
Hangover Bitch :iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0
Mature content
A Dream Come True :iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 2
Cruel World
I'm bleeding
The pain hurts but I've felt worse
No one likes me so that's how I ended up here
I don't want to be all alone but somehow I can't
Help but be this way
My life is pointless
My life is like a dull, broken pencil
No use unless you make it better
Is there such thing as better?
Is there such thing as a nice life with no hatred or problems?
I don't think there is…I haven't seen one
Something in my life is wrong
I just don't know what it is…
As the blood slowly drips down my arm…
I feel the pain melting away
Into the darkness
Until next time cruel world.
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 1 2
Mature content
Romantic Getaway :iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0
Mature content
Shower Sex :iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 1 0
Haunted House
As I stumble across this house, I get chills and stop in my tracks. I turn around slowly, not sure of what made me do this. I see an old abandoned mansion. I can see broken windows and chipped paint. The front stairs squeak loudly as I walk up them. I see an old rocking chair and tons of cobwebs. I approach the faded red door slowly, 1313 right next to it in faded numbers.
I open the door and it creaks the way it would in most scary movies. I see old tables with dead flowers in them, covered in cobwebs. Everything is either covered in dust, broken, or both. The, what seems like billions of doors in two hallways on either side of me in dark hallways seem endless. All the lights in the house are off so with the little light from the door, still open, I find a candle and light it with my handy dandy random box of matches, I always keep in my pocket. I walk towards the stairs in the middle of the room.
I start my journey up the giant staircase, avoiding the many broken stairs. The stairs a
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0
My Reason, Your Reason.
Life sucks
People suck
Everything sucks
And everyone else
You all call me 'That emo kid'
No one knows my story or why I am the way I am
All they know is that I have black hair and scars
I don't talk to people
I have a reason for that
I'm not afraid
I'm just tired of getting hurt
I sit alone at lunch
I sit in the back of the class
I go unnoticed by everyone
That is what I've been trying to do
Then you come along
You ruined my plan
You tried to be my friend and now you hurt me
Yeah I cut myself
I have my reason for that
You don't know my story
You don't even know my name
All you do is ruin lives and make people feel bad
Are you lost?
Do you need help?
Because obviously you can see all you do is cause pain
Mentally and physically
So if making everyone else feel worse about themselves than you makes you feel better
Go fuck yourself…
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0
I cry these tears of pain.
I scream these screams of anger.
I cut these marks of fear on my wrists.
Bloody and dying I lie on my floor.
My vision slowly fades to black.
My life slowly flashes.
The world goes blank just as I hear a voice.
I see a light and start walking towards it.
The light disappears.
My vision and feeling start coming back.
I hear my family crying and doctors rushing.
For some reason I'm still alive.
I don't want to be.
I was almost there.
I can't do anything right.
Now I see how life really is.
It wasn't my time but my time will come.
I have to die sooner or later, I like sooner better.
:iconpure-emo666:PURE-EMO666 0 0



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im always bored and today im just lazy so i got on and added a few things.enjoy
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